About Adventures Plus Agency

About Adventures Plus...

This business was started as a way to raise money to aid our non-profit with funding. Each time a trip is booked the proceeds go to Communities in Action - CIA. The proceeds help us to prepare lunches every week for 200 people. It allows us to give out bags of canned goods & other food to low-income family twice a month, a total of over 300 people. We have been able to aid the elderly with electric bills, pay a portion of rent when they had no way of affording it that month. We make it possible for families with young children & others to be able to sleep in a clean bed at hotels, instead of on the streets.

We have been able to sponsor disadvantaged children in a program that not only teaches dance but also teaches respect, integrity, and compassion. It's not about us, it's about YOU. We are here to create a vacation that is customized to your desires. We provide seamless customer service, assisting clients in every aspect of their trip to create great memories that last a lifetime. We are able to offer a wide range of travel service when you call any of our agents. We have a trained staff who will attend to your needs and make suggestions to help you. We will arrange all of your travel needs airfare, hotel, rental car, cruise, tour, sports event, museum, shows, and more. We are here to plan your travel for destination weddings, family reunion, girl trips, family getaways, school trips, health & fitness trips, and more. You provide the why and leave us to the rest. Remember, it's all about YOU.

About Theresa Thacker

Theresa Thacker is the founder of this agency and the non-profit organization. She is a native New Yorker. She relocated to Georgia because she felt it was best for her children. Theresa has a heart like no other. She is always creating ways to be a true and constant help to others. She is the mother of 10 adopted children. She is affectionately called "Madre” or "Auntie" by many throughout several communities. She truly has a passion for helping others.

She created CIA when she realized the enormous amount of homeless people that are in the surrounding areas of her home in Douglasville, GA and Atlanta. She started with 32 sandwiches out of the back of her Nissan Juke. In one year she and her team served over 10,000 lunches in 9 months. She is continually striving to aid those who are less fortunate. She decided to use her love for travel to support her love for the disadvantaged. Her first group booking helped CIA to serve over 50 families Thanksgiving meals, which fed approximately 175 people. It also helped give teenagers gifts for Christmas. Ever since she has been booking travel with only the disadvantaged in mind. The more people who travel through Adventures Plus, the more people can be helped. Her wish is to be able to take children in group homes on true vacations to introduce them to other places, cultures, and people. Theresa has a true love for people and it shows.

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